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Welcome to the Polish Virtual Area Control Center!

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Transition Level: FL80
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EPWA 17004KT Q1017
EPGD 18004KT Q1013
EPKT 23006KT Q1019

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EPWA_TWR 10:00 - 10:30

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Polish VACC is a proud member of the VATEUD division of VATSIM. We are a group of passionate people providing vATC service in all of FIR Warszawa. While our goal is to provide pilots with a feeling of realism, we realize that at the end of the day - we are all here to have fun! We follow real-world operations, rules and procedures, and provide documents that bring us a step closer to a realistic experience. Feel convinced yet? Don't hesitate, join us today!
We bring together both virtual pilots and Air Traffic Controllers, and it's your choice to make which one you want to simulate (or maybe you want to have fun being both a pilot and ATC?). To see more, check out the official VATSIM homepage where you'll find all neccessary forms and instructions. Have fun!

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2019 - 2020 Board Members
26.06.2019 19:24 UTC

Szanowni Państwo! Z przyjemnością informujemy, że nowy Zarząd w PL-VACC został powołany w składzie: ACCPL1 - Dyrektor - Radek Fijałkowski ACCPL3 - Oficer Operacyjny - Jakub Goc ACCPL5 - Menadżer ds. technicznych - Krystian Zawadzki Pozycje Szefa Szkoły Kontrolerów i Szefa Imprez zostaną obsadzone w niedalekiej przyszłości! Serdecznie gratulujemy!

ACCPL1 Elections
03.06.2019 20:11 UTC

We're pleased to announce, that the 2019 - 2020 ACCPL1 elections have begun. Controllers wishing to participate in the elections should leave their vote on a dedicated website - https://wybory.pl-vacc.org.pl/ People, who aren't privileged to vote and wish to do so, shall act as stated in the constitution (contact the acting ACCPL1)

Older news

26.06.2019 19:24 UTC   2019 - 2020 Board Members
03.06.2019 20:11 UTC   ACCPL1 Elections
27.02.2019 17:13 UTC   POLFRA in Polish Airspace

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